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CIBIL Scores

Do you know how important and critical CIBIL Score is for you when a time comes where, you need any financial assistance from banks? Whenever you apply for any credit card or need loan, the first and foremost thing is the Credit Score of the applicant is being checked by lenders. A Credit score is a significant measure which tells the credit history and financial health of the applicant. People with good CIBIL Score always stand in good books and get the loan or credit card easily and immediately.

CIBIL stands for Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd, which a premier agency who generates the credit scores and relevant reports about each individual. CIBIL collects financial data from the leading banks and other non-banking financial institutes for each individual who owns loans and credit cards and check the repayment capability and history, which they mark it with a 3-digit score, ranging from 300-900, and publish as a CIBIL Credit Report. Any score above 700 is considered as good for you.

CIBIL, incorporated in 2000, is backed by TransUnion International and Dun & Bradstreet, international credit bureaus and agencies.

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Improve Your Credit Score

  • Try to discipline on your expenses.
  • Check, Monitor, and review your Credit Score.
  • Always try to restrict your credit usage.
  • Always make payments on time and never miss them.

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