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New to Online Savings Account: Let’s Understand How to Use it?

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Savings Account, not a new term, is known to almost all and acts as a handy tool to keep your funds safe. It not only keeps your funds intact but also comes as a better option of investment where your idle funds can gain attractive interest on them.

As we are living in a digital era, banks have made it very simple for the people to open new online savings account from the comfort of your office or home. Thus, you don’t have to physically visit the bank branch to facilitate the formalities that are required to open a savings account.

But still, not everyone feels the easiest as it is very new for them and thus feel a little difficult while doing so. Don’t worry, if you are looking to open online savings account for the first time just remember the following things in your mind,

  1. Open a New Online Savings Account – Before deciding to open an online savings account, you must have selected the bank where you want to have your account. Visit the respective back account website and check if they offer an online account opening facility or not. If yes, click on the link and fill the application form.

Once you complete the application form you need to submit or upload the scanned copy of your ID proof, address proof, Aadhar number, and any other documents as specified by the bank to validate your credentials.

  • Choosing the Right Type of Savings Account – Different variants exist under the savings account category that suits the different needs of the diverse consumers like zero balance account, classic account, exclusively for women, men, kids, senior citizens, etc. with a host of added features and benefits. So when you apply for an online savings account, make sure you confirm and understand the types of accounts that exist along with their associated benefits that enable you to choose the right type of account.
  • Receiving the Bank Account Number – Once you choose the account type, fill the application form, and submit the required documents, the bank will open the online savings account and provide you the unique account number.  You’ll also receive the new savings account details on your registered email id.

Once your account is opened, the next step is to register for internet banking so that you can start using your new online savings account. You have to fill the net-banking form and select the unique username & password for the same.

  • Using a Netbanking Online Portal – Once you complete the registration process for internet banking and receive the confirmation of the same, you can log-in to the Netbanking portal with your account credentials.

Using net banking you can do different types of transactions like can initiate RTGS, IMPS, NEFT, etc. to transfer the funds, open online recurring deposit or fixed deposit, pay bills, apply for the loan, and many more.

  • Using Banking Mobile App – Almost all top banks across the world have their mobile banking app to further facilitate quick and easy banking experience for their customers. If your bank is also having the mobile app, then download the same and save ample time by using your online savings account on-the-go.

The mobile banking app is just a replica of an online banking portal that conveniently offers the same benefits and features to meet all of your banking needs.

Enhanced Banking Experience through Online Savings Account with Utmost Convenience and Ease

With online platform facilitation, now opening a new savings account is much easier and hassle-free. Thus, if you also want to experience such enhanced convenience and earn attractive interest on your idle funds, just check the bank of your interest and apply for an online savings account.

Just make sure you choose the bank with higher credibility, reliability, best customer service, and who offers a higher interest rate on savings account with additional benefits if any.

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