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Payday Loans: Quick Loans or Quicksand?

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Uh oh! It’s the end of the month and you suddenly realize you have to return the money you borrowed from an acquaintance for your house repairs. Did the thought give you chills? Well, you need not worry as long as you have the payday loans option waiting for you. For all those people who are suddenly burdened with an unexpected expense, these instant loans seem like a saviour. So, what exactly are payday loans?  These are short term loans that facilitate immediate cash at hand. Usually, they need only the payslips, SSN and account statements.

So, you must be wondering that if they are actually so great, why are we even writing this post? Well, as good as the payday loans look, there are a few things, we would want you to keep in mind before you impulsively go and get some cash to remove your financial crunch. Do take these points seriously as they could save you a great fortune!

What you must watch out for in the payday loans?

  1. Though they may give you some immediate relief, payday loans could mark you unqualified to get mortgage loans. Why? Because the repeated repayment transactions in your account statements could mark you as a defaulter.
  2. It could put you in a habit of frequent borrowings and dilate your spending attitude. You could easily fall into a debt trap and then your problems could multiply!
  3. The ease of operation of the payday loans could be at a little stake as there is a possibility of new stricter caps and rules being implemented on these. The charges of the instant loans are to be increased and the duration of the $500 loans is to be restricted to 90 days.

With more and more payday loans lenders in the market, it has become a matter of concern to keep a proper check on the process so that there is no financial obligation, both on the lender and borrower side. If you want to apply for an instant loan, do check out the Yelo app for a very smooth and hassle-free way to say goodbye to your cash crunch!

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